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  • Introduction to the NARBC

    The Nebraska Association of Regular Baptist Churches is an independent, fundamental, Baptist association of churches in voluntary fellowship who hold to the historic Biblical doctrines of the Christian faith as found in the Holy Scriptures. Churches in the fellowship endeavor to spread the good news of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ across our communities, state, nation, and foreign lands. These churches provide believers with opportunities for the worship of the Lord God, for serving Him in a variety of ministries, for spiritual challenge and growth in Bible conferences, and for life changing decisions and experiences including through Christian camping.

Our Churches

  • Our Churches
    Find a church home near you to worship God, grow in His Word, fellowship with Christ followers, and serve your community.  

Special News


  • 2014 Young Adult Fall Retreat
  • Conferences

    What is a Baptist and why would I care?

    Google says there are 217 denoinations in the United States, why would you consider being a baptist (or not being a baptist).
    Greater still, what is a Regular Baptist and why would you consider being one?

    The legecy of the Baptist Church is not about boring names, dates, and events which occured hundreds of years ago. Nor is the baptist heritage about establishing a tradition to which we must adhere. The beginning and perpetuation of the beliefs and practices of believers of the past are not about a creating a title of "baptist" but churches which are biblical. 

    There is a rich and significant heritage that demands our attention as we look toward the future in which we are faithful to God's Word.

  • Men's Retreat


    Cost - $30
    Registration -  5:30 PM
    Supper- 7:00 PM


    NARBC Golf  at Pawnee Hills Golf Course
    Time: 1:00 pm on Friday
    Cost: $39 Eighteen w/cart or $59 all day w/cart

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Our camp's mission is to provide campers of all ages with the opportunity to make life-changing decisions through unique camping experiences & the influence of the Bible.

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